5 Exercises To Build Your Abs

A lot of people are self-conscious and don’t like their body. The part that concentrates the most disappointment is the belly. Indeed, we all dream of having a flat stomach and the famous “6 pack”. However, there is no point in working the muscles on the surface if you forget the deep muscles. This is why we offer you an abs oriented session.

Thanks to these 5 simple but essential exercises, you will be able to strengthen the abdominal belt and draw the belly!

1.The Board

The plank is a very effective exercise for firming and strengthening the deep abdominals by static (isometric) contraction. It will also help you strengthen your back and eliminate back pain. Position yourself with your elbows under your shoulders, then your forearms and toes on the ground. Finally, lift the knees off the ground and keep a long, flat back.

2. The Cross Crawl (Oblique Twists)

The cross crawl is an excellent exercise for strengthening and sculpting the waist. Lying on your back, feet on the ground and fingers on either side of the ears, pivot towards the opposite knee while contracting the stomach. Finally, drop back down to the floor and repeat with the other knee.

3. Crunches (Bust Lift)

This exercise serves to strengthen the rectus abdominis, in other words the famous “chocolate bars”! To do this, put yourself on your back and lift your bust towards the thighs, while sliding the ribs towards the hips. You can also use a variant based on small upward pulses.

4. The Side Plank

The side plank is perfect for strengthening the waist in static contraction. Lying on your side, place the forearms on the floor elbow under the shoulder. Also place the other hand on the hip or the arm alongside the body. Then hold this position by staying as straight as possible and contracting your abs.

5. Leg Scissors

Your goal here is to work the lower part of the abs. Lying on your back, lift your feet and straighten your legs at 45 degrees. Then, make small vertical movements.

A Typical Abs Session

Perform this series of exercises 4 times in the order suggested, with:

  • 45 seconds to 1 minute maximum of work per exercise.
  • Maximum 15 seconds of rest between each exercise.

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