Best Exercises To Develop Your Abs

Several exercises accessible to beginners as well as to confirmed allow working the muscles of the abdominal strap. For quick results – 1 month and a half – consider doing your cardio and muscle building sessions three times a week.

Exercise 1: The Russian Twist

Sitting on your buttocks, knees bent and feet on the ground, place your back straight and join your hands. Then, inhaling and exhaling, turn the chest and hands to one side, then gently to the other. ” This exercise is excellent for working the obliques, ” says the coach.

Exercise 2: Crunches

These are classic abs,” she says. Lying on the floor, place your feet flat, and bend your legs. Put your hands at ear level, and lift your torso by contracting your abs, not pulling with your hands, or helping yourself by gaining momentum. ” Be careful, contract the perineum well during the exercise because, poorly performed or too quickly, crunches gradually destroy this muscle. “

Exercise 3: The Plank

A great exercise that not only works the abdominals but all the muscles. To enter the pose, sit down on your knees. Then put your palms on the floor or elbows and straighten your legs. Your back should be straight, buttocks in line with the spine. The same goes for the neck. The idea is really to look like a flat surface. “ Don’t forget to tighten your abs and buttocks ” she adds. Stay in the position breathing deeply for 30 seconds, 1 min if you are used to it.

Before Starting The Abs-glutes

There are a few things you need to know before starting this sporting activity. Stretching the spine is important during abdominal exercises to relieve pressure on the stomach. Also, remember to protect your back by adopting a stretched posture and avoiding arching.

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