Go for it! Tips for Exercise and Fitness

Regular exercise provides benefits for both physical and mental health. If you have any concerns about exercise, your weight, or your physical health, talk to your doctor.

Want a good workout to feel better? Engaging in physical activities plays an important role in health. Exercising regularly not only improves physical and mental health but also self-esteem. Try new exercises or vary the activities you enjoy doing to make your workout routine more fun. If you have concerns about your physical health, ask a doctor which exercises you should do best.

What are the benefits of exercise?

Exercise has several health benefits. It’s also a great way to have fun and spend time with your friends. People who are not active can develop health problems like heart disease or depression.

The regular practice of physical activities allows you to have, in addition to a real fitness:

  • a stronger heart;
  • improved physical health;
  • fewer concentration problems;
  • energy gain;
  • a better mood;
  • more self-confidence.

The “right” amount of exercise is not the same for everyone. If you think you are training too much or not enough, see a doctor. Excessive exercise and attempts to control your weight can be symptoms of an underlying problem, such as low self-esteem or an eating disorder.

How do you start an exercise program?

You don’t need to join a gym, participate in competitive sports or follow a demanding training schedule to be in good physical shape. It is possible to incorporate the exercises into the daily routine.

Here are some ideas:

  • Limit yourself: one hour of physical activity per day is enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This hour can be broken down into shorter periods during the day.
  • Change your routine: practice a variety of activities (alternating between running, stretching, and weight training, for example).
  • Move, move and still move:  reduce periods of inactivity. For example: going up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

If you’re not sure which exercise is right for you, these resources can help you find a good training program:

  • community Center
  • athletics center affiliated with a school
  • athletics center affiliated with a school
  • gym
  • dance studio
  • videos demonstrating physical activities
  • physical health applications

To have an optimal training, it is advisable to combine cardiovascular activities (such as jogging or swimming) with strength training exercises (on machines or with free weights).

Cardiovascular activities increase the heart rate, burn calories and fat, and promote weight loss. Strength training builds muscle, burns fat and calories, and results in a stronger, more defined body.

How to stay motivated?

It can be difficult to motivate yourself with a boring, repetitive workout routine. Remember, physical activity doesn’t have to be strenuous or monotonous to be beneficial. Any activity that encourages movement may be suitable.

Here are some ideas for activities:

  • aerobic;
  • bodybuilding;
  • jogging;
  • dance;
  • yoga;
  • team sport;
  • swimming;
  • market;
  • bike;
  • rollerblading;
  • climbing rope

Getting active is important for your physical and mental health and it can be fun! Vary your routine to stay motivated.

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