How to Get Rid of Useless Belly Fat

When you want to lose weight, you deploy all means that allow you to burn stored fat. To select the ideal method and eliminate those famous superfluous pounds, it is necessary to understand the system of melting fat. It will then be easier to change your eating habits and select physical activities that accelerate the melting of stored fat.

How does the bodywork to lose weight?

To lose weight properly, it is essential to maintain the body in good health and to increase the metabolism.

How does fat melt?

According to some theories, the fat eliminated by the body, and thus the pounds lost, are converted into energy before being used by the muscles and the body. Others think that it is passed with feces or transformed into muscles.

To unravel this mystery, Ruben Meerman, physicist, and Andrew Brown, director of the School of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences at the Australian University of New South Wales, conducted research on fat conversion. According to the conclusion they published in the British Medical Journal in 2014, the fat that is eliminated is eliminated by the organs, and mainly by the lungs.

During their research, the two experts noted that it is the metabolism that eliminates body fat by diffusing a mixture of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, that is, by breathing. Their theory was supported by precise calculations revealing among other things that about 84% of fat is released as CO2 by the lungs. The rest then turns into water which evaporates via urine, tears or sweat. Therefore, to eliminate fat, these researchers stressed that it is necessary to maintain a certain balance between energy intake and expenditure to increase metabolism. Some people can supplement it with adapted sports activities in order to breathe better and evacuate CO2.

How to get rid of body fat?

To optimize weight loss, it is essential to eliminate excess body fat or body mass, that is, the fat stored in the body. As stated above, it is necessary to maintain a balanced diet and to perform physical exercises. The first solution prevents the storage of excess fat while the second activates the metabolism.

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