Important Tips for Drying and Weight Loss!!

Yes, you have worked hard to gain mass but today you can’t wait to make visible those muscles that you have been sculpting for months. It is during the dry period that you will exploit your potential and realize your true physique.


For there to be fat loss, your energy expenditure must be greater than the calorie intake. Drying, therefore, means reducing the caloric intake through food and increasing energy expenditure with physical activity. But be careful, you don’t have to cut your calorie intake anyhow! You should set yourself a reasonable goal if you don’t also lose muscle mass: stick to a maximum of 1 kg per week.

Obviously, each one works with its own basic metabolism and we are not equal in front of the plate, it is thus… The mode will thus be variable from one individual to another. Some will lose very quickly at the beginning when others will take longer to dry and will have to adapt their diet. Want to know more about the difference between weight loss and lean? We explain everything in our article


It is a method recommended by many nutritionists which consist of eating more meals per day rather than 3 large meals. A concept that may seem strange, since we have often been brought up around the idea that there are three meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Rest assured, you can think of these two extra meals as mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks.

The effective way to increase your metabolism (that is, burn the calories given to the body for energy) through nutrition, is to split your daily calorie intake into several small meals, evenly spaced throughout the day.

Flattening out fat doesn’t mean drastically lowering your calorie rate. While this is the solution to losing weight, it is also the best way to say goodbye to your muscle mass . Our advice: go gradually and reduce your food intake reasonably.

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