Muscle Strengthening And Its Benefits

The benefits of physical activity on health are proven and we often talk about so-called “aerobic” physical activities such as jogging, walking, or cycling. However, we never or rarely mention muscle-building activities which are just as important and beneficial. This is the reason why we explain to you the benefits of such a sporting activity on your body.

What Is Muscle Building?

Muscle strengthening is an activity or a training program that aims to work a specific muscle chain in order to improve its efficiency. The exercises can be done only with body weight or with loads. Strengthening your muscles will help you tone up of course, but can also have a positive impact on your daily actions, whether in your personal or professional life. We will develop this point a little later in the article.

The Objectives Of Muscle Building

  • Contract the muscle to create more tension and be more powerful = muscle strength
  • Increase the muscle’s capacity to resist over a specific period of time = muscular endurance
  • Increase muscle resistance = muscle resistance

Its Benefits: Health And Performance

There are many benefits of muscle building:

  • Injury Prevention: Regular strengthening will help prevent injury.
  • Improved posture: muscle-strengthening will allow you to keep good posture and to apprehend possible pain. Targeted strengthening of the abdominal lumbar belt will reduce or even stop back pain caused by sitting for several hours, in front of a computer for example. Muscle-strengthening will also allow you to perform everyday actions in complete safety, such as lifting a water pack or carrying a child.
  • Bone strengthening: osteoporosis is bone decalcification that occurs when we advance in age, but also during certain pathologies (menopause, cancer, etc.). It is advisable to practice a sporting activity and in particular work of strengthening to avoid this bone degradation.
  • Be more efficient: muscle-strengthening will make it possible to be more efficient, to have better results in sports, for example, to run faster, pedal faster …
  • Anti-aging effect: with age, muscles decrease and lose their tone and strength. The reinforcement allows decreasing the process.
  • Loss of fat mass: resistance work will trigger a physiological mechanism that will contribute to the loss of fat mass. A healthy lifestyle (diet, sleep) goes hand in hand with this type of training, for better results and good physical shape.

To conclude, we can therefore say that muscle building, beyond the sporting or aesthetic objective, is beneficial and has a positive impact on health.

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