Several Types of Exercises To Measure The Brain Activity!

The researchers, therefore, decided to compare several types of exercises and to measure the brain activity of the participants before and after the training. The team invited 3 groups of participants, young adults to take the first series of cognitive tests to assess working memory, attention, and basic intelligence. Participants also had an electroencephalogram (EEG) to measure brain activity during these tests. Then they were invited to practice a computer task for a month at home.

Constantly Updated Sequence

One group was to perform the first type of brain exercise to memorize a constantly updated sequence of visual and auditory stimuli, the second group another type of sequence memorization exercise, interrupted by “a distraction” but without updating, the third a control task. Everyone had to train 5 days a week for 30 minutes, before returning to the lab to take the series of cognitive tests again.

Improve certain useful skills: the team finds that these programs lead to both significant and visible changes in brain activity and that in practice, if they do not make you smarter, they can, for some, actually improve some skills useful in both study and work. Thus, the researchers found that: group 1 gained a 30% improvement in working memory, almost double that of group 2. Group 1 also shows significant changes in brain activity in the prefrontal cortex, the area involved in higher cognitive functions.

Skill Essential For Success

Develop the Right Program: These data suggest that some, but not all, brain formations can actually improve performance in certain brain functions, and here in working memory, a skill essential for success in school or at work. These data also suggest that these exercises change “something” in the brain. The team’s next step will be to understand why the first task is so effective at improving working memory, with the objective of developing effective brain training programs, access to the greatest number of people, or even targeted according to the needs.

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